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Our Hair

Only from the finest raw ingredients does true quality emerge. Superior Hair stands as the gold standard in hair quality

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The Science of Superior Hair

Vital Role of Hair Cuticles

Hair cuticles act like a protective shield, wrapping around the outer layer of each hair strand. Positioned meticulously in a unified direction, they serve as a robust barrier, locking in vital nutrients and hydration. This ensures that hair beams with a natural glow and maintains a vigorous appearance.


Scale Protection
Our entire department is dedicated to the preservation and protection of hair scales.

Keratin's Dominance
Making up an impressive 97% of your hair, keratin is its main component. This powerhouse protein is meticulously crafted from essential amino acids.

Natural Hydration
Hair isn't just about protein. It retains natural moisture, typically holding about 10% water content to maintain its flexibility and shine.

Hair's Anatomy
Every strand tells a story. At its heart are hair cuticles, followed by protective outer fibers, and anchored by the hair medulla.

We relentlessly pursue innovation, ensuring enhanced and comprehensive solutions for our valued customers. Your needs inspire us to deliver more and elevate your experience.

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