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Pure Strand Virgin Hair

Where Every
Strand i
s a
Journey to

Give us 30 mins, and we'll show you how to achieve consistent quality in 30 days or less!


Our Practice

We believe quality and consistency go hand in hand. These practices have made us who we are today


Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the strand. Through rigorous Quality Testing and Control procedures, we ensure that every bundle meets the highest standards of purity and texture. It's not just hair—it's a testament to our dedication to delivering only the finest to our customers


Innovation is at our core. Our dedicated team delves deep into, consistently pushing the boundaries of what's possible. The result? Hair solutions that aren’t just premium, but pioneers in the industry, setting Superior Hair apart in its quest for unparalleled excellence


Our approach ensures that each bundle retains its natural integrity and luster. It's not merely about preserving hair—it's about honoring its innate beauty and ensuring that Superior Hair remains synonymous with tenderness and quality


From luscious curls to sleek straight strands, our offers are tailored to your every whim and style. With our curated collection, finding your perfect match isn’t just possible—it's a promise, ensuring Superior Hair complements every look with unmatched elegance


We recognize the diverse needs of our clientele. We are geared towards businesses, allowing for tailored solutions that fit specific requirements. With Superior Hair, it's not just about selling hair extensions; it's about forging partnerships that thrive on flexibility and unparalleled quality


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Our Collections 

Ready to Ship & Custom Made

We're not just any Hair Extension Factory...

Who Are We?

Close-up view of our premium hair weave, highlighting its natural sheen

The Frustration

Fed up with inconsistent quality from suppliers, we took matters into our own hands and founded our factory. As a hair extension business with over 20 years of experience, we know what people in the hair industry need. 


We transitioned to a successful e-commerce extensions business as a way to gain experience. Our knowledge as sellers gives us valuable insights to deliver consistent, top-quality extensions. Trust us to provide the same passion and unmatched quality that defined our success as retailers. Welcome to a legacy of hair extension expertise!

Meet Faith & Stuart, Business Owners

The visionary owners of Superior Hair. Faith and Stuart embarked on their entrepreneurial journey 25 years ago, but little did they know that their passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence would propel their business to become a success in the hair extension industry. Today, Faith and Stuart's story is a testament to the power of determination, turning a small trial into a thriving success story.

Elegant models showcasing the volume and bounce of our deep wave hair extensions
Portrait of Superior Hair Factory founders, Stuart and Faith, smiling warmly against a minimalist backdrop

Visit our Factory!

We always welcome visits to our Factory. Contact us to arrange or schedule a call with us to take a virtual tour!

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Work with us

Become a Partner

As partners, we empower you to create custom hair extension types, colours, lengths, and weights. Enjoy our lowest pricing, custom packaging options, and a dedicated account manager to assist you at every step.

Perfect for: Hair Extension E-Commerce Businesses, Hair Extension Distributors

Become a Stockist

Semi-custom hair extensions - your vision, our expertise. Great discounts, personalised branding on our packaging, and over 32 colours, 6 lengths and many extensions options to choose from

Perfect for: Hair Extension Focused Salons, Hair Product Distributors

Become a Wholesaler

Choose from our ready-to-ship products, set your desired colours, length, type, and weight, and take advantage of our efficient supply chain.

Perfect for:
Stylists, Hair Dressers and Salons

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