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Treating each product with reverence and meticulous care

Masterful Craftsmanship

Drawing inspiration from nature, our products marry environmental harmony with bespoke craftsmanship

Handpicked Raw Material Excellence

We are unwavering in sourcing only the healthiest, untouched braided hair from every raw material origin, opting for just the top 10-15% of superior quality.

Each acquired hair is meticulously categorized into distinct grades, adhering to set standards, and ensuring diverse product production needs are met.

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Raw Materials 






Ingenious Production

What is SuperiorHair Up To? 

Superior Hair's Top-Quality Customization

Dedicated to fulfilling our client's specific needs, we craft samples based on customer-provided examples and stipulations. With a prototype turnaround of just 7 days, our speed and top-quality craftsmanship consistently earn the appreciation and trust of our clientele

Superior Hair's Pioneering


Automation Research

Our commitment to top quality drives our independent innovation in both automatic and semi-automatic equipment. Holding multiple patents, we've successfully minimized manual interventions, thus enhancing production efficiency. This advancement ensures that order turnaround with Superior Hair is significantly quicker compared to traditional manual production methods

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Factory Production x4
Factory Production x5

Superior Hair's Elite R&D Excellence

Cutting-Edge Product Creation

At Superior Hair, we seamlessly blend with the evolving times, always with a keen eye on global fashion trends. Through our rigorous independent research and collaborations with renowned international academic institutions, we consistently introduce top-tier, quality-driven products to the market each year


We employ gentle processing techniques, ensuring the preservation of hair scales. This commitment not only safeguards the hair structure but also locks in essential nutrients and moisture, epitomizing top quality.

Every strand is hand-cleaned, combed, and meticulously secured, maintaining the integrity of Superior Hair.

At every production stage, our dedicated specialists conduct rigorous quality inspections, ensuring Superior Hair products consistently uphold the highest standards of excellence

Navigating Tomorrow: The Upcoming Waves

Superior Hair's Quality Benchmark

Through meticulous analysis of raw materials, advanced techniques, and premium dyes, we guarantee top-quality in-scale retention and optimal color fixation.

Superior Hair's Color Leadership

Introducing a blend of novel and mixed

shades to steer the market's trend direction with unmatched quality

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More than just a hair factory
Superior Hair is your trusted color aesthetic advisor for all your hair needs

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