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Superior Hair is devoted to the intricate care of each strand, refining them through detailed classifications and discerning evaluations

Why Superior Hair Factory
Why Superior Hair Factory

10-15% Premium Virgin Hair

Cherishing Nature, Honoring Artistry with Superior Hair

Tracing our roots to Southwest China and India, Superior Hair ensures a premium source of unparalleled excellence and unmatched quality.


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Raw Material Distinction at Superior Hair

We are more than just a hair extensions factory; Superior Hair stands as a revered institution of professional hair refinement. Each strand we handle is imbued with a noble purpose: to empower its wearer with a blend of style and self-assuredness. While they might all wear similar dark hues, every strand boasts its distinct undertone and individuality, revealing unique characteristics post bleaching and dyeing. Drawing inspiration from our long-standing philosophy of tailored education and fostering inherent qualities, Superior Hair has established rigorous grading criteria. Accounting for the hair's natural shade, quality, and other defining traits, we classify our source hair into 24 distinct categories. This meticulous grading ensures that each strand realizes its fullest potential, ultimately serving to augment elegance and allure for our esteemed clientele.

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