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Superior Hair: Distinguishing Remy Hair from Virgin Cuticle Hair

At Superior Hair, we take pride in understanding the intricacies of hair quality, ensuring our customers have the best products available. Here's a breakdown to help you discern between Remy hair and our Deluxe and Premium grade Virgin Cuticle hair:

Source of the Hair

Remy Hair: Originates from inverted raw hair.

Virgin Cuticle Hair: Carefully selected, only 10%-15% of the healthiest strands are chosen from pristine virgin braids.

Treatment Process

Remy Hair: Undergoes an acid bath to eradicate all cuticles, with silicone then applied for a smooth finish.

Virgin Cuticle Hair: Receives a chemical-free treatment, maintaining its full, intact, and aligned cuticles.

Color Palette

Remy Hair: Uses the basic three-primary colors (red, yellow, blue), which often results in more rigid colors.

Virgin Cuticle Hair: Features an expansive palette with over 10 color shades, ensuring a harmonious base and final color.

Bleaching & Dyeing Techniques

Remy Hair: Typically processed in large vats using hot water, accommodating 30kgs every 2 hours, leading to easier color fading.

Virgin Cuticle Hair: Employing professional-grade equipment, each batch is delicately handled with just 1kg at a time in lukewarm water (35 ℃). This ensures a precise, 5-7 day meticulous process to perfect a single shade.


Remy Hair: Generally lasts between 6-18 months.

Virgin Cuticle Hair: Boasts a remarkable lifespan of 1-3 years.

Redying & Rebleaching Potential

Remy Hair: Unfortunately, this hair cannot be re-bleached or re-dyed.

Virgin Cuticle Hair: Offers the flexibility to be re-bleached and re-dyed, making it even more versatile.

Choose Superior Hair and invest in unmatched quality that stands the test of time.



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